Last Chance to Donate to Our Crowd-funding Campaign!

The fundraising campaign for Northeast Farmers’ Market ends in a few days! This is one last push to convince residents why they should invest in this project!

Farmers’ markets are an effective way to create a flurry of economic activity with very little input. We set up a few tents; families get the nourishing food they need to be healthy and productive; farmers get income from selling their produce; and nearby businesses benefit from the added foot-traffic that the market creates. 12 vendors have already committed to selling at the market in 2015 and Beans&Greens has provided us with $1500 to match customers’ EBT/SNAP dollars!! All we have to do to make this market a success is raise a little more money so we can pay a market manager and buy a few tents/tables/chairs.

If you care about improving the quality of life for residents in Northeast, this should be a project you support! PLEASE DONATE TODAY!

And thank you to the generous people who have already donated J

P.S. Did I mention that the Missouri legislature passed a bill recently that exempts vendors at farmers’ market from collecting food sales tax?! NO SALES TAX + DOUBLE EBT/SNAP = VERY AFFORDABLE (local) FOOD (only at Northeast Farmers’ Market this summer!!!!!)